Welcome to our front office …

This is the new place for SongSmith – moved the office to near Valencia in Spain (yes that Valencia) and now gone GLOBAL! At least until live music returns

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Dora Lachaise – I Confess

If there’s one thing we like more than a singer / songwriter here it’s a songwriter with meaningful and interesting lyrics. Make that a female voice too and we are pretty much as happy as we can be. The second single from Dora to cross our keyboard in short order and it’s another belter withContinue reading “Dora Lachaise – I Confess”

Review : Generator by Alfonse

It seems these days everyone has at least one alter ego, perhaps a necessary survival technique of the lockdown to manage our various pathologies and quieten the call of the disorder of multiple personalities. Indeed I have been a long term advocate and practitioner myself. Alfonse also it seems as he has existed since JanuaryContinue reading “Review : Generator by Alfonse”

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