Obsession – J*M*A

“First single from this experienced and talented singer / songwriter / producer. Incredible voice and an ear for a tune that is the envy of many. A seductive slice of electropop.”

Jemma is one of several voices in my musical world that could sing the telephone directory (when we had such things) and I would buy it just to hear one of the best voices I have ever had the privilege to work with. Back in the early days of SongSmith Jemma played several times at Wolf’s and I even had the honour of recording her voice in the very dim and distance past. Though I didn’t do it justice with my rudimentary production skills and the song never saw the light of day.

Latterly I have had the pleasure of being in the same songwriting group as her and watched the development of her as a talented producer as well as the stellar songwriter she already was.

Whereas a lot of the work I have heard over the years has been very acoustic based this song is much more influenced by her metamorphosis into a producer. The instrumentation and percussion are purely electronic. The song itself is simple in structure and development and its incessant, demanding beat, supports the lyrical idea perfectly. Plus her work has always been for me as much about the space between and what is left out. And, of course the voice. She delivers the melody with ease and with the hallmark of class I would expect. The lyrical idea reflects her strong voice within the music industry for the development and promotion of women in music which despite many advancements is still far too often backwardly neanderthal.

The lyrics give a nod in that direction too telling the story of someone essentially being stalked by an overattentive suitor and a reflection perhaps on that Svengali role too often assumed by male ‘captains of the music industry’ and that has littered our modern music culture with casualties. J*M*A is much more TaTa than Britney though.

I reviewed from the video which is eminently TikTokable and savvy in terms of social media potential. It is a grower and after several listens I am still hearing new elements, a sure sign of her craft as a producer. The song is also short which lends itself to our attention challenged industry current vibe.

Knowing what a talented songwriter she is and though I am a fan of simplicity in songwriting and not over developing ideas and cluttering tracks I feel that there is more in her toolbox and that though 2022 may be her breakthrough year this may not be her breakthrough track. There are some lovely harmonies over a simple tune and her vocal skills showcased in a cleverly crafted slab of electro pop. There is though plenty of scope to stretch her more vocally. Always leave them wanting more so in that respect it is spot on. MORE!

J*M*A is someone I have often thought is on track for great things. She has an innate music sensibility and creative urge that will break though given hard work, luck and the right promotion. She has the skills and the tools. Bring it on.

Published by SongSmith Global

SongSmith originated in Bristol where we ran singer / songwriter events for 13 years, including weekly at the famous Mr Wolf's. With the pandemic we have moved online and now focusing on digital content and some select streaming. Live music will return.

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