Review – Everglow by Matt Reynolds

Hits you with a slab of gorgeous sound straight off.  A subtle but effective Hammond riff – we like a Hammond at SongSmith.  Then the voice.  Well I know a lot of singers.  Mostly I go for the female voice.  There are a few male exceptions, notably Bowie, Ferry, etc.  Add Matt to that list. 

The violin that kicks in for the verse then carries a simple unfussy figure.  Between that and the Hammond they wind their ways around a lovely wistful, dreamy melody without ever getting in the way.  Sort of like the cat that weaves through your legs as you head to the kitchen without ever quite tripping you up.

The lyrics too are pure Reynolds.  He’s a romantic.  The words are wistful and dreamy too so perfectly fitting in with the melody.

On first listen it may not strike you as a typical single but after Matt sent me the preview I tell you I found myself humming it as I was getting up the next morning and it has earwormed its way into my affections.  Much like the man himself!  Give it a few listens.  Maybe it’ll do it for you too.

The link to Everglow on Spotify is…

You can find Matt on YouTube, Spotify and Facebook and his music available from all good streaming sites.

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