Sharon Lazibyrd – Artist Profile

One of the joys of SongSmith has always been to track and be a part of the development of an artist, usually as an observer and event organiser, but sometimes up a little closer. So, I declare an interest. Sharon and I have known each other for ten years and become I like to thinkContinue reading “Sharon Lazibyrd – Artist Profile”

Sharon Lazibyrd – Scrolling Back

“Hello folks Scrolling Back is my new single a powerful and personal song about the end of a relationship. “Lockdown was a period of creativity and collaboration for me and songwriting helped me get through this time of personal change.” I hope you enjoy my new single and thank you for supporting my music.” TheContinue reading “Sharon Lazibyrd – Scrolling Back”

Onika Venus– Everything You Are – Album Review

Onika Venus arrived in the South West about 11 years ago. From Jamaica via London she soon teamed up local musician and promoter Mark Venus. They worked together and then teamed up in partnership, marriage and parenthood. I start there because the family side of Onika is front and centre to everything she is. HerContinue reading “Onika Venus– Everything You Are – Album Review”

Review : Generator by Alfonse

It seems these days everyone has at least one alter ego, perhaps a necessary survival technique of the lockdown to manage our various pathologies and quieten the call of the disorder of multiple personalities. Indeed I have been a long term advocate and practitioner myself. Alfonse also it seems as he has existed since JanuaryContinue reading “Review : Generator by Alfonse”

MJ Reynolds – Coming Home

This one doesn’t mess about. A neat drum roll announces the latest track from the regular releases of one of our long time favourite SongSmith artists. Straight into a no nonsense sunny piano driven pop tune. Despite the fact that it is about train travel it really motors! (Yes sorry expect lots of (un)necessary trainContinue reading “MJ Reynolds – Coming Home”

Dora Lachaise : Artist Profile

Dora is the dark alter ego of jazz-tinged pop singer / songwriter Maaike Siegerist and she brings her considerable writing and performing talents, particularly her singing into this persona. Her publicity describes Dora Lachaise thus ‘lives in an attic overlooking Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol. A European émigré drawn to the city’s lively arts sceneContinue reading “Dora Lachaise : Artist Profile”

Review : Dora Lachaise – Bone Collector

Dora is the dark alter ego of jazz tinged pop singer / songwriter Maaike Siegerist.  This is a very different affair.  Her publicity describes Dora Lachaise thus ‘lives in an attic overlooking Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol. A European émigré drawn to the city’s lively arts scene and cloudy ciders’. That’s relevant because the songContinue reading “Review : Dora Lachaise – Bone Collector”

Review : In My Head – Fenris

A lazy almost laconic acoustic guitar evoking a desert highway is starkly punctuated by a heartfelt, pleading vocal.  Can you be yearning and snarling at the same time?  Seems so on the evidence of this slow burning piece of loveliness.  Subtle stabs of instrumentation pierce my heart as I listen to the mournful and skilfulContinue reading “Review : In My Head – Fenris”