Fenris – Artist Profile

Multi-talented, multi-genre and multi-instrumentalist Fenris is now based in Berlin having relocated from her native Scotland, specifically Glasgow.

She has toured all over central Europe before settling in Germany whilst maintaining strong Scottish and UK links, these days of course mostly online and is involved in many groups including SongSeeds, Sunday Songwriters and Women Producers. I have been lucky enough to share both real life and virtual retreats and groups with her. She gives a lot of time and commitment into supporting her fellow musician and songwriters. She brings a caring, vulnerability and depth of personality to all those mediums and unsurprisingly she brings the whole lot into her music alongside her prodigious musical talents.

Surprisingly, her recorded output is not (yet) extensive however she aims to release an EP early in 2021 and her brilliant 2020 single ‘In My Head’ is reviewed elsewhere on this site.

She excels in wringing the most incredible sounds and emotions out of guitars and keyboards and mangling them into a twisted, tuneful and heart wrenching emotional cocktail.

Her writing and playing is informed by her synaesthesia rather than a formal training (this superpower makes her one of only three real life people to inspire a song written by me). She has her own signature to bring to the music scene, an originality and slant that is inspiring and mysterious and yet she is one of the most down to earth people in some respects. Her mystery makes me want to spell her name with a ‘y’ but I have avoided this so far (or corrected it!).

Her not secret passions are devouring biscuits, Linkin Park played on the solo piano and 80’s synth-wave (she has worked with Dave Cook and Craig Paton on their award-winning cyberpunk series Killtopia).

You can find her at:



I sincerely recommend that you do.

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