Review : In My Head – Fenris

A lazy almost laconic acoustic guitar evoking a desert highway is starkly punctuated by a heartfelt, pleading vocal.  Can you be yearning and snarling at the same time?  Seems so on the evidence of this slow burning piece of loveliness.  Subtle stabs of instrumentation pierce my heart as I listen to the mournful and skilful melody and then just before the half-way mark the mood is wrenched and mangled by the most magnificent slab of electric guitar.  The contradiction continues as a beautiful piano figure at the edge of hearing erupts into a full solo.  The drums come in at JUST the right time.  (To maintain a sense of mystery I will not say where …).  As quickly as the song bursts so it drops again to the perfect conclusion.

A well-judged, perfectly crafted piece of acoustic grunge folk indie.  My cognitive brain is reminded that I MUST listen to Nina Nastasia again (I did just last week) and my limbic brain engages on an emopathic sense of pain and loss.  This is such a great song, the tumultuous crescendos and dips dragging my heart through peaks and troughs.  And all at a shade over 4 minutes.  It won’t get radio play likely.  Fools.  Worth adding to your playlist and investing a crumb of money into this excellent artist for it.  You’ll stumble over it in later years and the rollercoaster will start again. Light and dark vie for supremacy.  It’s a close high scoring draw.

Published by SongSmith Global

SongSmith originated in Bristol where we ran singer / songwriter events for 13 years, including weekly at the famous Mr Wolf's. With the pandemic we have moved online and now focusing on digital content and some select streaming. Live music will return.

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