Fenris – Artist Profile

Multi-talented, multi-genre and multi-instrumentalist Fenris is now based in Berlin having relocated from her native Scotland, specifically Glasgow. She has toured all over central Europe before settling in Germany whilst maintaining strong Scottish and UK links, these days of course mostly online and is involved in many groups including SongSeeds, Sunday Songwriters and Women Producers.Continue reading “Fenris – Artist Profile”

SongSmith Artist Profile: Matt Reynolds

Matt has the voice of an angel with the reliability of the seasoned and experienced performer he is.  An ocean of experience as a front man both solo and in bands, his bread and butter is covers.  The original songs are the jam. He writes with a vulnerability and honesty that is endearing and enticing. Continue reading “SongSmith Artist Profile: Matt Reynolds”

Review – Everglow by Matt Reynolds

Hits you with a slab of gorgeous sound straight off.  A subtle but effective Hammond riff – we like a Hammond at SongSmith.  Then the voice.  Well I know a lot of singers.  Mostly I go for the female voice.  There are a few male exceptions, notably Bowie, Ferry, etc.  Add Matt to that list. Continue reading “Review – Everglow by Matt Reynolds”

SongSmith Global – The Roots

With a whimper then a bang! A nostalgic meander through the start of SongSmith So, the idea has been brewing for a while. SongSmith launched in Bristol on a chilly bonfire Monday night at Mr Wolf’s with a handful of people and three singer songwriters.  History (our spreadsheet) does not record who was involved andContinue reading “SongSmith Global – The Roots”